Where is the real Ephedra with Ephedrine Alkaloids?

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Some sites will tell you that they are no longer available. That is just not true. These sites will say this because they can not get certified by the DEA to sell Ephedrine alkaloids. Live Lean Today has real 25mg or 12.5 mg Ephedrine. Unfortunately it is not available to be sold in every state. Some states have no sales, others have mg restrictions while others have amount restrictions. There is some good new for people who live in states that have no ephedrine sales restrictions. We have something better which some people call Ephedrine Alkaloids II or the next generation of Ephedrine … [Read more...]

Where To Buy Original Vasopro Ephedrine 25mg

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Did you use the original Vasopro Ephedrine in the past to lose weight? Are you wondering what happened to it? Do you wish you could still buy it somewhere legally? Have you tried to buy it from outside the US only to lose your money? We get these questions daily, and we have answers to them. Vasopro is still around, but it is no longer called Vasopro. Now do not get confused with Vasopro Extreme. These 2 items are completely different as far as the ingredients. Vasopro is Ephedrine HCL and Vasopro Extreme is mostly caffeine. Vasopro is now called Ephed Plus and is extremely difficult to find … [Read more...]

Searching To Buy Ephedrine and End Up Seeing Synephrine or Ephedra? – What is the Difference.

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We get customers calling every single day that have been ripped off or scammed by a website that after doing a search to buy ephedrine end up getting taken to a page that sell ephedra or Synephrine. Not that there is anything wrong with ephedra or Synephrine but they are not ephedrine. Not sure what the difference between synephrine, ephedra and ephedrine is? Some vendors will try to confuse buyers about what the differences are between these 3. Some of the most common questions are whether these are supplements and if they have different or similar effects. Other questions revolve around how … [Read more...]

Benefits of Ephedrine

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Over the years people have been finding possible ways to tackle health related problems arising due to numerous factors starting from hereditary succession of deficiencies up to improper consumption of food, indigestion, and growth hormone deficiency due to improper intake of vitamins, minerals, iron and related constituents, necessary for human body to sustain. As a result of this necessity of human body to sustain in this unhygienic world, arrive versatile constituents used in supplements to provide utmost beneficial results as natural as possible. Supplements are meant to help human … [Read more...]