You Can Still Buy Effective Ephedra Diet Pills Legally In The US

Many of our long term customers remember buying and using the very effective products for weight loss that contained the herbal ingredient ephedra.  Ephedra’s botanicaal classification is it is in the family , Ephedraceae,  the  Genus, Ephedra, and there are several species such as sinica; equisetina; nevadensis; viridis; and others. Ephedra also has other common names such as E. sinica, E. equisetina, Ma Huang, Ephedra,  Desert Tea,  Mormon Tea.  Ephedra is a stimulant and hinger controller, which is why the plant has been used for over 5000 years.

The Chinese started using for war, hunting, and drought. When fighting ephedra gave you energy and more strength, when hunting it makes you more alert, and when food was hard to come by it kept away hunger pains.

Buy Ephedra Diet Pills

Buy Ephedra Diet Pills

Ephedra is a low stalky shrub with jointed green to brown stems and tiny unnoticeable leaves. It is the source of ephedrine alkaloids and as I mentioned, it has an extremely long history of save use in China. Supplements containing ephedra extracts were a popular herbal stimulant.

A little over 10 years ago, some pharmaceutical company decided they wanted to get back in to the weight loss business because Phen Fen was killing people and was banned. However the herbal weight loss product with ephedra in them were very effective and safe. With over 500 million bottles of ephedra sold and almost zero adverse reactions, this pharmaceutical company was able to grease enough politicians hands to get them to start a bill to ban ephedra based products.

Ephedra was banned but then a judge who was not being bought over turned the rule because congress had not provided any evidense that ephedra harmful, I repeat ZERO evidence. Well the pharmaceutical compnay did not like this and had the venue moved to a higher court and had it banned again. Once again, with no eviidence, or any injury reports directly linked to ephedra use. That means that a few people had gotten sick or injured while using ephedra, ephedra was never established as the cause of the injury. The person may have been using cocaine at the time, or heroin but because they found ephedra bottles at their home it was enough evidence to say ephedra was the cause.

Sound fishy to you, well it is. Then amazingly a big pharma co. comes out with a new diet pill, a few weeks after the ban. Their tag line was that they were the “Only FDA Approved Diet Pill.” You know what we always say, “follow the money”.

Well lucky for us people who are not sheep, ther was only one or two ephedra plants banned, and even those can still be used in traditional chinese medicine. But other ephedra plants can be used in diet pills and there are legal to buy and available. So if you miss they days of losing wieght, with less hinger and more energy then I suggest you try one of the many ephedra weight loss products available on Herb Champ. Perform Pure is one of our best selling lines and has our highest customer re-order rate.