Green Surge 120ct Lose Weight For Your Wedding

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Green Surge 120ct Lose Weight For Your Wedding
  • Manufactured by: Accelerated Sports Nutriceutical
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Green Surge Ephedra with 27mg

Green Surge 120ct is formulated by ASN, and brought to you at the lowest price by Live Lean This complement is the energy stir call your cadaver has been looking for. Look no further for a weight loss supplement that does it all and delivers. Green Surge diet pills contains all natural ingredients, the most powerful one being ephedra. Other ingredients in Green Surge unique blend are caffeine anhydrous, phenylethylamine HCL, theobroma cocoa, citrus aurantium, evodiamine, yohimbine HCL, and white willow bark. Green Surge will boost your metabolism, promote weight loss, and give you a major energy boost. This is one the finest merchandise in its category.

Green Surge has 27 mgs of ephedra per capsule. Green Surge is the most powerful ephedra product on the market. With 27 mg of ephedra extract per capsule. If you are one of the millions of Americans who have used ephedra products to lose weight or to energize your day, you owe it to yourself to try Green Surge.

Green Surge has a synergistic blend of 8 active ingredients, (including Caffeine, Citrus Aurantium, Yohimbe, Theobroma, White Willow Bark, Evodiamine and Phenyl ethylamine) Green Surge is formulated to increase fat loss and maximize energy levels.

Ephedra Extract is a herbal supplement designed to trigger fast fat loss. Ephedra Extract acts as a general stimulant on many parts of the body at the same time and is most often used as a CNS (central nervous system) stimulant, as a decongestant and as an appetite suppressant in a wide variety of successful weight loss products. Ephedra Extract has been used for over 2,000 years to treat bronchial asthma cold and flu, chills, lack of perspiration, headache, nasal congestion, aching joints and bones, cough & wheezing, and edema. In Western terms, Ephedra Extract is considered to have diaphoretic, diuretic, central nervous system stimulating and anti-asthmatic properties.

Caffeine Anhydrous Caffeine acts to increase mental alertness and neurologically provide the surge you need to maximize your activities. Caffeine affects the CNS causing more alertness and allowing for more intense focus. It is highly effective as a thermogenic for weight loss and energy levels. The chemical structure of caffeine is very similar to that of adenine. It increases the potency of aspirin or other analgestics.

Citrus Aurantium ( Synephrine ) Burns fat, increases physical performance, and helps build lean muscle mass. Citrus Aurantium is a stimulant, similar to caffeine and ephedrine. It is thought to have similar effects in terms of providing an energy boost, suppressing appetite and increasing metabolic rate leading to the burning or more calories. Citrus Aurantium is used to activate the adrenaline system without the stimulatory effect posed by Ma Huang.

Phenylethylamine HCL maintains and promote mental alertness, focus, mood and concentration. Phenylethylamine may be a neuromodulator of aminergic synapses while also promoting energy, and elevating mood.

White Willow Bark has been used successfully as a natural alternative to synthetic (asprin) salicylic products. White willow also has the ability to stay in the body longer than synthetic salicin products. White willow has been shown to be an effective addition to widely used herbal weight-loss supplements. Very effective when combined with caffeine and ephedrine ( ECA Stack)

Theobroma Cocoa - A small tree that produces cocoa pods that are fermented and after a long process, packed and sold as chocolate products. Research shows Theobroma Cocoa supports heart health by decreasing oxidation of LDL cholesterol, decreases the bodys inflammatory immune responses, and improves the ability of arteries to dilate. A strong antioxidant.

Evodiamine - A bioactive alkaloid extract from a plant called Evodiae Fructus. It is found in many weight loss products. It is known to produce a stimulating and thermogenic effect, which warms the body inner core to a point where fat and water weight are burned. It has been found to be very effective for weight loss and adding that extra energy boost for workouts.

Yohimbine HCL - is found in the inner bark of a tree that grows primarily in West Africa. It has long been known as an aphrodisiac and hallucinogen , but is now more commonly used for the treatment of obesity and erectile disfunction . It has been used as an appetite suppressant and vasodilator. Yohimbine works by blocking the alpha-2 adrenoreceptors. This is important because it increases blood flow in adipose tissue, which prevents fat from being retained . New research also show yohimbe has having antioxidant properties. Green Surge utilizes 2 forms of Yohimbe for maximum effectiveness.

Green Surge Supplement Facts:
Serving Size: 1 Capsule
Servings Per Container: 120

Amount Per Serving:
Ephedra Extract 27 mg
Caffeine Anhydrous 225 mg
Citrus Aurantium (Bitter Orange) (30% Synephrine HCL) 75 mg
Phenylethylamine HCL 75 mg
Pure White Willow Bark Extract 75 mg
Theobroma Cocoa 50 mg
Evodiamine (98%) 5 mg
Yohimbe Matrix: 5 mg
Yohimbe HCL (99%)
Yohimbe Extract (8%)

Green Surge Directions As a dietary supplement, take (1) caplets once a day. Proper Hydration is important to the effectiveness and safety of all thermogenics.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Green Surge warnings and side effects: GREEN SURGE is an Ephedra ephedrine diet pill or Ephedra supplement that is derived from Ma Huang Extract

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